Providing proper ventilation in your attic is important in both summer and winter because…

  • Keeping your attic cooler in the summer can lower your air conditioner bills and make your roof last longer.
  • Reducing condensation during the winter can lead to mold, mildew, or rot.
  • Hot summer days in the attic with no air conditioning vents pumping in cool air is not a fun place to be. The hot sun beats down on the roof and temperatures can soar. So, with proper attic ventilation you can at least bring those temperatures down to match that of the outdoor air.
  • On cold winter nights, a well-ventilated attic expels water vapor that would otherwise condense in the insulation. Proper ventilation also maintains a cold roof in the winter and prevents the formation of troublesome ice dams.

Full of Hot Air

In the summer, hot air and high temperatures in the attic are indications that the air is stagnating and the space needs to be vented. Hold your hand near the vents. You may actually be able to feel a slight breeze — an indication that the vents are pulling air outside. In homes with unventilated attics, one of the greatest sources of heat may be the hot air trapped in the attic and radiating through the ceiling below. Unless you plan to convert your attic to a living space, it doesn’t make sense to seal it and route your HVAC vents up there. Install attic fans which will continuously replace the stagnant air with fresh outdoor air, preventing your attic from turning into an oven.

Types of Attic Fans

There are two basic types of attic fans: rooftop fans and gable fans. Rooftop fans are installed right on top of the roof and perform two tasks at once: expelling the stagnant air and replacing it with cooler air. Gable fans operate as two separate units on opposite sides of the attic: one to blow in, the other to blow out. Both types of attic fans are popular as solar powered equipment. Since sunlight on the roof is the major source of attic heat, attic fans are most useful during daylight hours. When your fans are powered by the sun and set to start automatically, they’ll run exactly when you need them without you having to flip a single switch.

Save on Your Electric Bill

An attic fan will save you lots of money by reducing the pressure placed on your air conditioner and the amount you use it. Because hot air rises, your attic is an especially hot part of your home. In the summer, the temperature of your attic can reach as high as 150 degrees. This heat transfers to the ceiling and eventually makes its way back down into the rest of your home. An attic fan counteracts this by forcing out the hot attic air and pulling in the cooler, outside air, lowering your air conditioning bill by as much as 20%. Additionally, over time, an attic fan will save you the cost of hiring a roofer, since attic heat can damage your shingles.

Helps With Humidity

Trapped heat isn’t the only problem with unventilated attics. These spaces also trap moisture, both in the form of natural humidity from the outdoors and manmade humidity from boiling pots, hot showers and other sources in the rooms below. If this humidity collects in the attic and has nowhere to go, mold and mildew growth can become a major concern. Depending on the type of insulation material you’re using on your attic floor, mold spores could potentially destroy your valuable insulation and create a health risk.

Sealing and Insulating

Insulating your home is one of the most cost-effective ways to make a home more comfortable and energy efficient. Find and seal hidden attic air leaks. Determine if your attic insulation is adequate. You must have a tight seal between your living space and your attic to get an energy efficiency boost. Otherwise, the air circulation created in your attic could suck a significant share of your air conditioned air up and out of your house through cracks and gaps in your ceiling. Before having an attic fan installed, you should conduct a thorough inspection of this barrier and seal up any cracks that allow air to transfer from the top floor of your home to your attic.

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