Forced air furnaces either burn gas, fuel oil, or propane. Forced air furnaces take air from inside your house or office, then heats it, and finally delivers the warm air throughout your home or office using air supply ducts. There are many benefits to using forced air furnaces…

Indoor Air Quality

Forced air furnaces condition your air through filters. You may also use humidification systems and air cleaners to further condition the air that passes through your HVAC systems. Humidification systems come with most furnaces and they remove indoor air pollution and keep your home at the right humidity levels.

Energy Efficiency

Natural gas is very affordable and clean and it fuels the majority of forced air furnaces. Furnaces with AFUE ratings can reach levels of 99% efficiency.

Quicker Heating Results

Electric and hydronic heating systems take longer to heat your home then forced air furnaces.

Affordable Heat

Some forced air furnaces my cost  a bit more in the beginning but then their repair, maintenance, and replacement costs are a lot lower then other heating systems. Forced air furnaces also last longer than heat pumps and boilers in post cases. The average expectancy of a forced air furnace is 15-30 years! With routine professional maintenance you can keep your forced air furnace running efficiently even longer.


Compared with other heating sources, forced air furnaces don’t break down as often as heat pumps or electric heating systems.


Force air furnaces can use the same duct-work as Central Air Conditioners. The natural gas lines needed for water heaters, ovens, grills, fire pits, and more work with your forced air furnace also.


Some are worried about it being gas powered which could cause carbon monoxide poisoning if it’s not vented properly but the good news is that almost all modern forced air furnaces have multiple safety switches to prevent fires or leaks. No matter what though, CO detectors on every level of the home or office is the right thing to do.

Why You Should Have Your HVAC System Installed by a Certified Professional HVAC Company…

These benefits will only be achieved if your furnace is installed properly. Also, if you furnace is not installed properly, that could void your manufactures warranty. An improperly installed furnace will also cause comfort issues, distribute your air poorly, and reduce the efficiency of your furnace.

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