Let’s explore the features and benefits available with a rooftop system. Whether we are talking about a team of workers doing their job on the coldest day of winter or about customers visiting your restaurant on the hottest day of the year, both groups deserve a comfortable environment to work or enjoy your commercial property. If the time has come to replace or install a commercial HVAC System, consider a rooftop unit. Whether your commercial space is large or small, rooftop systems provide the most optimum comfort for them all. With different capacities available you will be about to find a system to fit your budget. Not only are rooftop units an excellent way to cool or heat your commercial property, but they are also a great way to save money and keep your space energy efficient throughout the year. If you are considering a new HVAC system for your commercial space, consider these benefits of a rooftop unit for your system.

Clean and Quiet

In addition to being physically cleaner than ground units, rooftop units also reduce the amount of noise around your building. Because they are removed from earshot of your building entrances, they greatly reduce noise pollution in the vicinity of your home or business.

Space Saver

While ground-level commercial HVAC system installations are certainly common, the space that they take up, along with the addition area of clearance surrounding the the equipment can be problematic. With this added space you could add parking, outdoor seating , property signage, or beautiful landscaping.

Easy Service Access

Your system needs tune ups and fix ups throughout the year. You may not want technicians coming through your dining room during dinner hour. Or disrupting your employees during working hours. Putting the equipment on the roof , largely bundled together in one unit, helps to access system easily and makes scheduling service around your business needs simpler.

Secure Location

Your roof is much more secure than the ground on your property. A rooftop unit makes it much more difficult for your HVAC parts to be stolen, vandalized, or damaged. This also keeps your unit safe from debris or dirt that may negatively affect your system such as inclement weather.

In order to get the best unit and installation for your commercial property you will need to schedule trained, experienced professionals to handle your commercial HVAC services properly.

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