No one wants to be caught in the middle of a heat wave with no air conditioning! It’s important that you get your central A/C up and running as quickly as possible. Hopefully, the issue with your heating and air unit is that it just needs a tune-up. Other types of HVAC repairs can be expensive but with HVAC maintenance, future problems can be averted! HVAC maintenance is the best option to keeping your A/C unit operating efficiently and smoothly. As summer steadily approaches, climbing temperatures prompt you to start running your air conditioner again. About 75 percent of homes in the United States and 50 percent in Canada have central air conditioning, meaning there are ample opportunities to stay cool this summer. But what if your system starts acting up? Watch for these signs that require hiring a technician to perform an air conditioning tune-up.

System is Blowing Warm Air

If the air conditioner seems to be running constantly without cooling your home, place your hand over one of the supply registers. Odds are the air feels warm, which means the system is barely cooling your home, if at all. At this rate, the A/C will be unable to keep up on hot summer days, and your energy bills will increase as your comfort levels drop. You may just need a tune-up, but here are a few more complicated issues that will require professional help.

  • Low freon/refrigerant leak
  • Dirty evaporator coil
  • Return duct that is broken or disconnected

You Notice Drastic Temperature Differences

One room may feel too hot while another is too cold. Other issues such as high sun exposure, inadequate insulation, and leaky windows can play a role in this, but the A/C might also be to blame. A tune-up could be all you need to restore comfort from room to room.

Vents Deliver Weak Airflow

Perhaps the air is quite cool, but it’s barely exiting the supply register. This weak airflow means much of the air you’re paying to cool doesn’t actually reach the living space. Leaky ducts could be to blame or the filter might simply need to be replaced. A tune up reveals and repairs the problem. Other reasons for weak A/C airflow include:

  • A clogged air filter
  • Frozen evaporator coils
  • Leaky or blocked air ducts
  • Problems with the A/C blower

Moisture Collects Where It Shouldn’t

The outdoor A/C component could appear to be leaking, indicating a blocked or broken drain tube. This isn’t a serious maintenance problem, but you should address it promptly to prevent something more serious like mold growth.

The System Runs in Spurts

When your system short cycles, this means it turns on for just a few seconds before shutting off again. Such operation prevents the air conditioner from removing excess humidity, resulting in a muggy, stuffy home. Short cycling also wears out system parts faster. Your A/C system is supposed to run for a set time period. Running repeatedly at short lengths can damage the components of your air conditioner, lead to a complete breakdown, and raise your energy bills.

You Hear Strange Sounds

Can’t hear the TV because your vents are so loud? While some noises are normal, such as a quiet hum or the sounds of air whooshing through the vents, sometimes HVAC systems make strange noises and can become loud, disruptive annoyances in the home. This doesn’t have to be the case. If grating, grinding, squealing or another sound has made an appearance this year, seek a tune-up quickly to prevent a potentially serious problem from developing.

You Detect Strange Odors

Musty smells indicate mold growth somewhere in the system. Burning or pungent odors could mean the wire insulation has burned out. A tune-up is necessary to eliminate these odors and fix the underlying problem.

Your Bills Are Climbing

If your energy bills have been steadily climbing or suddenly spike, that’s a telltale sign that your HVAC system may be to blame. When there’s something wrong with your system, it has to work even harder to make your home comfortable. That will undoubtedly translate into much higher bills every month. A stressed HVAC system can’t work efficiently. Compare this month’s electric bill to the same month last year. If the current bill is significantly higher, something might be wearing out. A tune-up can save you on your energy bills all summer long. Ultimately, your wallet will thank you!

Your Home is Excessively Dusty

Dirty, neglected HVAC equipment is bound to blow dust into your home. A quick cleanup restores the equipment to near new condition and prevents you from needing to dust your home every other day.

You Skipped Maintenance Last Year

Keeping up on HVAC maintenance is the most important thing you can do to keep your home’s HVAC system healthy. While you may think that skipping out on HVAC maintenance is not that detrimental to your furnace and air conditioner, HVAC maintenance is important for your home’s HVAC system. The general recommendation is to have your air conditioner tuned up every spring (and your furnace every fall) to promote efficient operation, lower your energy bills and catch problems early. Don’t fall behind another year – schedule maintenance to prevent an expensive repair from cropping up!

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