What should you do when sitting in your favorite comfort chair or couch in front of the TV, and you suddenly notice the furnace keeps kicking on and off? Here are some things to check before you call in a professional.

Air Filter

Can you remember the last time you replaced the filter? If not, check the filter, it might be clogged or dirty, preventing air to flow over the heat exchange. Air filters need to be replaced frequently to keep the air in your home clean and also to keep the furnace running smoothly and clean.

Check Your Thermostat

You may have adjusted your thermostat at the end or beginning of a season and it might be set incorrectly now. If your thermostat requires batteries, check to see if they need to be replaced. Think about where your thermostat is located, if it’s in direct sunlight or near other heating sources, it could be reading that your home is already at the required temperature.

Window and Door Insulation

Check around your home to be sure all windows and doors are closed tightly, look at seals and check for drafts. Your furnace is more likely to turn off and on frequently if cold air or drafts are entering the house.

Maybe It’s Time To Call A Professional

What’s next, if you’ve checked all of the above possible problems, and you still hear the furnace turning off and on? Ignoring the issue can put stress on your furnace system, and may lead to more costly repairs or require a furnace replacement. Let a professional examine the problem to identify and correct the situation. HVAC equipment can be dangerous to repair because of the gas and electric connected to it.

Views This Video About Why Your Furnace May Be Turning On and Off

NOTE: We always recommend that you use a professional HVAC company to repair your HVAC equipment, since it can be dangerous to repair because of the gas and electric connected to it. You can also possibly void your equipment’s warranty by not using HVAC professionals to repair your HVAC equipment.

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