If HVAC systems are not properly maintained in your rental property, you will take a financial beating. This is also true if you own multi-unit apartment buildings. Landlords and property managers need to do regular maintenance and check in regularly with tenants about the HVAC system. If you are a property owner caring for one or more rental homes, the following tips will help you…

Make the Air Filter a Regular Maintenance Inspection

As you’d suspect, over time the air filter will become full of small debris, preventing it from working properly until it’s cleaned. A clogged filter not only means your air quality will continually decrease, but your HVAC system will also run less efficiently. Your system is working harder to heat, or cool your home, using more electricity. Property owners can change air filters themselves or make this the task of their tenant. Putting this responsibility in the hands of someone who may not understand why it has to be done can be trouble in some instances. If the landlord wants to do the filter changing it would be easiest to have a package of new filters at the property. If the landlord allows the tenant to change the filter he/she should communicate how and why this needs to be done at least every six months. Some multi-units provide air filters in a storage closet to make this an easy chore for the tenant. Also a check list on the side of the furnace when the tenant marks the date of the filter replacement is a good idea.

Clean the Air Conditioning Condenser

The condenser is the unit on a concrete pad outside the housing unit. Usually each apartment will have a unit. The condenser fills with leaves, grass and debris. If the debris is not removed this makes the air conditioner work harder to do its job. Cleaning the condenser annually can lengthen the air conditioner’s life. Utilizing a professional is the best way to make sure the condenser is clean and working properly . However we will outline the steps you can follow if you would like to make sure your condenser is clean.

  • The Fins – Fins promote good air flow. The fins can easily get bent. Straighten them with a fin comb, found at a hardware store. Landlords need to make sure no one is climbing on the unit. It is best for the landlord to check the fins on each air conditioner condenser at least once annually to ensure that the fins are in good condition.
  • Protection – Lay rock around the condenser and keep the area around the condenser free of shrubs, plants and weeds. If the Landlord has a lawn service make sure they are told to use a lawn mower with a bag that collects grass to keep it out of the condenser.

Have a Property Inspection Before Purchasing

Before you purchase a property have a HVAC inspection. A HVAC professional can alert a landlord of problems. The buyer can negotiate a better deal with the seller if there are any problems with the HVAC. An investors bottom line can be impacted by unforeseen issues.

When to Replace

Air conditioners last about 15 years and furnaces about 20,so knowing when to replace them can save money in the long run. Having a costly repair for a furnace or air conditioner when it is near the end of it service is a waste because old units need repairs on a regular basis. When purchasing new HVAC systems, nothing is more important than buying a quality product.

Best Advice… Work With a Professional HVAC Company

Some of these maintenance tasks are simple, while others require a trained professional. An annual service call by a licensed technician will check belts and filters and replace them as needed. He or she will also oil moving parts and inspect the wiring. A professional also needs to check the heat exchanger, flue, and ducts and adjust the burner every other year. Although air conditioners are less maintenance, a professional will still need to replace the filters, vacuum out the unit, and lubricate the motor. If the unit is not working properly a technician will have to check the pressure level of the refrigerant. Finding and keeping good tenants is much easier when everything is working properly.

It is a good idea to have your HVAC equipment checked by a professional before each heating and cooling season. Make sure to choose your heating and cooling partner wisely. Teegarden HVAC is a knowledgeable, trustworthy, and affordable HVAC company that enjoys and respects customers throughout all of the Greater Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky area.   

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