Commercial service requires a different level of expertise than servicing residential heating and home cooling systems. Commercial heating and cooling equipment is much larger, demanding more intense use and heavier heating and cooling loads than residential equipment. This equipment tends to be more complex in setup as well, with single-zone to multi-zone system options. The best course of action for maintenance depends on your setting and the unique demands of your business. Evaluating the work of commercial HVAC contractors is not always easy for business owners and facility managers. How to know if the problems you are having is faulty equipment or unqualified or careless service provider is not easy if you are not an HVAC expert. If you are experiencing the following signs, it is likely your equipment is not getting the proper care…

Repeatedly Need a Second Visit

Return visits are the most frustrating problem you can experience. Your business depends on having reliable heating and cooling. When your HVAC contractor fails to fix your problem on the first visit that can be very disruptive to your business. Sometimes there are problems that my require a second visit but that should be rarely. Return visit are a sign of poorly trained or inexperienced technicians. Careless technicians do not make correct diagnosis and do not take the time to inspect the system.

Losing Cooling Power

If the technician keeps adding more refrigerant to the system that is problem you should not tolerate. Losing refrigerate is not normal. It means there is a leak. Adding more refrigerant instead of fixing the leak is not only irresponsible but knowingly allowing refrigerant chemicals to leak is a violation of the EPA’s Clean Air Act.

Multiple HVAC Problems Occurring

Are you having different issues each time your contractor comes. Pay attention to the problem and its cause. When you hire a Contractor they should notice the problem and be proactive. The technician should be conducting a thorough inspection each time he visits. Proactivity can save time, money and down time.

Not Having the Parts Available

Commercial HVAC contractors should carry what they need for 99% of repairs on the truck. If your technician has to go back to the shop for a part to complete the work it is sign of a less than professional operation.

Inexperienced Technicians

Ask your HVAC contractors about the experience level of technicians work in the field. If your technician is alone and has to call the office for diagnosing the problem that is not a good sign. Technicians do learn through on-the-job training but while learning two technicians should arrive at your business. One that is fully qualified should be with the inexperienced one.

Poor Communication

Your HVAC service provider should always take your concerns seriously and investigate the problem. When they do, they have a chance to correctly diagnose and fix problems. Usually the owner or manger of the business cannot always be present to supervise every HVAC repair or maintenance visit. So how do you find out what was done? After each visit you should receive a detailed work order explaining exactly what was done and why. And additional work should be explained and estimated in detail. If you are not getting good communication before, during and after the service call that is a problem.

Now that you know the signs of poor HVAC service and if you suspect your contractor is guilty of these problems it is time to search for a new contractor. Request a service agreement before hiring them.

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