With your active life and a full household, your home certainly has that “lived-in” feel. But that film of dust can make you feel like you’re in a seldom-used basement. Don’t just assume your home is dirty, as this dust may not be the product of idle accumulation. Instead, it could be a sign your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is not trapping dust properly. We would like to share a few simple and effective solutions for your dusty house problem…

Do You Have a Dirty Air Filter?

The filter is the place to start your search for dust problems. Replacing your filter often is a good idea, especially if you have a shedding pet. Check your filter to see all the dust that was taken out of your home through your HVAC equipment. It’s important to change your filter because it can get clogged with dust and no longer be able to efficiently clean it from the air in your home. This could be the reason your house is so dusty. Clean or replace your filter monthly. We recommend either the first or last day of the month. MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, a value that indicates the size of particles an air filter is designed to grab. Higher MERV ratings are more effective at capturing smaller particles. Although lower MERV rated filters are less efficient overall, they permit more air to go through the filter, which can improve the operation of the HVAC system. It’s important to have the perfect mix of air filter and MERV rating to meet your home’s needs and your system. HVAC service professionals can help determine which MERV rating is ideal for your home and family. The right MERV rating on the right filter could really impact your indoor air quality, your health, and your lifestyle.

Do You Have Leaky Air Ducts?

It can be a challenging problem to plug the leaky air ducts but you need to because they can cause excessive dust in your home. Leaking ducts clog your air filters at an alarming rate. Small gaps can develop in your ductwork because of bad workmanship, age, or damage. The gaps permit dust to circulate past your filter and that dust goes right out your vents and into your home. When you turn on your heating and air conditioning system the holes your duct-work will suck up dust, dirt, and a variety of other nasty contaminants around your attic, basement, or crawl space. Then all that dust and debris gets blown out the various vents and into your home! You won’t be able to inspect all the duct-work yourself and will need a professional to provide a thorough inspection, cleaning, sealing, and insulating of your ducts to keep your home clean and energy efficient.

Do You Have Humidity Problem? 

Dust is a bigger problem during the dry winter months because the humidity is lower and what little moisture is around is quickly sucked up into the air. Then your furnace can contribute to the low humidity problem by pumping our houses full of hot, dry air. One way to combat the dryness is to add a humidifier. Dust flows freely through dry air and will travel through an HVAC system much farther. When the air is more humid, dust settles faster and will be trapped in your filter.

Your Thermostat Can Help You Dust!

Your HVAC thermostat has a secret power you didn’t know about… it can help dust your home. To tap into this power, do this… Right before you vacuum and dust your home, turn your thermostat’s fan setting to ON. When set to AUTO, the blower turns on only when your home needs cooling. But when set to ON the blower circulates air constantly. This constant circulation is what you want when you are cleaning. This is because, as you start dusting or vacuuming, dust gets kicked into the air and sucked into the return vent, getting captured by the air filter. This will only work if you are changing your air filter regularly since a filthy air filter won’t be able to catch additional dust.

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